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SOswing Weekend with Melissa & Parker
List Dancers

SOswing weekend with Melissa Rutz and Parker Dearborn!

5 Workshops
1 advice session
1 Westie Bomb
3 Dances & 2 Late Nights
1 Potluck & Clothing exchange
1 Free entry into an All American JnJ (People’s Choice Award)

Tickets are on sale right now for $75!! 

John Piper coming to Medford June 12th and the 13th!

Friday night at Candela (time coming soon)

Saturday at the Firehouse  6:00-7:00


SO Big Events Calendar!       

Time to plan the rest of your spring—and summer!

Here’s a short list of big events we’ve been to before, we LOVE, and that we’re planning on going to again.  BTW, we do our best to support our local events here in the PNW, and stay out of the airports.  With rare exception.  Here’s a few to get you started on planning.  More coming soon!

Seattle Easter Swing, RIGHT NOW!!!

Great event, great WCS community, and a great city.  Kinda far for SO Westies to drive, but we’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.  Melissa McRobbie’s up there right now!  We’re SO jealous!

SOSwing Weekend, May 15-17

An (annoying) bridge tourney that was given OUR weekend due to a hotel snafu (a work you should really look up).   We’ve bounced back from the blow by bringing you an amazing weekend with the Incomparable Melissa Rutz and the Incredible Parker Dearborn.  (His first time EVER in SO!)  No WSDC points, but everything else and just as much fun, and MORE social dancing!!!

FreZno Dance Classic, May 21-25

Farther than we’d like, we admit, but such a great event.  Steve Z is a heck of a guy, and such a perfected pro at what he’s doing!  This event never misses.

Dance N Play, June 18 – 21

A newer event, but already solid on fun and organization, thanks to director Cheryl Lions’ deep bench of talent and experience.  It’s the closest out-of-town weekend-long WSDC-pointed event we have, and we love it.  Held at the Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, OR, it delivers on its name, offering plenty of dance and play all weekend long!

Portland Dance Festival, July 10 – 12

Affectionately known as PDF, this long-established event successfully melds WCS and country.  Run by our friends, Randy and Rhonda Shotts, experts at putting on an excellent event, we haven’t missed PDF in years, and won’t this year, either.

Norcal Dance Challenge, September 12

Super-fun event, hosted by two top-notch people/inspirational pros, Jason & Yvonne Wayne.  Raise money for One Flap Down, the charity that helps single-parent families who are facing breast cancer.  “We have two goals, to grow the dance we love, West Coast Swing, at a grassroots level and to raise money for those fighting for thier lives.”